2-in-1 Winter Suit



Ideal for autumn and winter, the new Cottonmoose's soft and comfortable suit protects your baby from the cold, wind, snow and rain. The stylish suit transitions from overalls to a sleeping bag to adapt to your child's needs throughout the season.
The outer surface is made of a soft, waterproof, certified fabric with an additional water-repellent coating. The inner part of the suit is made of the highest quality 100% cotton providing the toddler with the highest comfort.
Two zippers are sewn on the front side to allow the opening of the suit, for temperature regulation and easy access to your toddler. Additional zippers in the lower part allow the suit to be transformed into a sleeping bag, with holes for a seat belt. 
Sleeves finished with rolled-up gloves protect the baby's hands and prevent heat loss.
The fabric sewn inside the sleeves allows easy sliding in and out of the suit's handles.
The hood finished with a removable, soft, high-quality, anti-allergic and ecological fur
it has a completely safe, anti-allergic and breathable filling adapted to contact with the youngest children.

Both the suit and the fur coat are machine washable according to the washing instructions

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