Rosette Organic Throw Blanket



This luxurious muslin blanket, is crafted from organically grown premium 4-way cotton muslin, woven with the utmost care using the finest yarn. This results in a wonderfully textured fabric that’s exquisitely soft to the touch and remarkably lightweight, all while maintaining its lasting strength.

8 heavenly layers is the perfect amount to provide the luxurious softness for your baby's delicate skin, while cocooning them in warmth. This blanket, with its moderate thickness, strikes a harmonious balance—neither too weighty nor too light. A perfect companion for every mother and child to cuddle up in every nook in your home! It also makes a great glider cover for your Oilo chair.

It is fully machine washable and designed to the highest standards of quality—everything you've come to expect from Oilo™.

  • Size: 45" x 60"
  • Premium Organic 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Machine Washable; Tumble Dry
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