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Guardian 09 Print



Inspired by the classic ‘Nana dog’ symbol in children’s literature this mindful fluffy friend keeps a watchful eye over nurseries and playrooms to make sure the little ones are well looked after, as well as their beloved toys and treasures. She is looking for a bustling forever home to mind and play housekeeper in.


The Guardian Collection freezes that magical childhood feeling of having a dog best-friend who watches over you at all times. Featuring majestic and playful canines, The Guardian Collection offers a warm, stoic and heartfelt celebration of a timeless true love and friendship.

This gentle giant was a rescue pup, who found a loving forever home with his foster dad. He loved giving big, slobbery kisses and pushing about our prop teddy bear. And he couldn’t get enough belly-rubs, ear-rubs and paw-rubs! A total love bug! 


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