Catch All



Keep your phone, keys, water bottle all within reach. The Catch-All can be secured to the Veer Cruiser, &Roll, and &Jog at any of the fixed attachment points. Additionally, the bottom of the Catch-All can be secured to a handle with an elastic loop to prevent swinging if desired. The product is constructed of durable tarpaulin and a neoprene-like material that give it water-resistant and insulating properties.

Up to 6 Catch-All's can attach to a Cruiser or Cruiser Xl and up to 2 can attach to the &Roll or &Jog frame.

  • Spandex laminated SBR foam
  • Store phone, small items and more within reach
  • Elastic, insulating bottle holder
  • Tarpaulin exterior
  • Water-resistant and hose washable
  • Durable heat and stain resistant materials
  • Rear clip attaches to fixed points on Veer Cruiser, &Roll, &Jog
  • Swing stopping elastic loop
  • Nylon webbing loops for carry or carabiners
  • EVA foam bottom with drain hole

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