Enzo Mari

Art Edition Screenprint - il Gorilla


Description Il Gorilla is a silkscreen print tones of brown and is part of the Nature Series (Serie della Natura). The print is part of a study to transform an image into a symbol through the systematic reduction and elimination of superfluous detail in order to reveal the true meaning of “nature” of a subject matter.

Serie della Natura: Quindici, Quindici
Enzo Mari, 1976

La Serie della Natura comes from research to transform an image into a symbol through a planned reduction which tends to eliminate the superfluous in favor of meaning, in the optical of the realization of art multiples. From 1961 to 1976 Mari designs products with 17 symbols of silkscreens texiline. Mari starts to work on the subjects that make up this series since 1957: in the same year he sees the first version of the Gioco Delle Favole, that Danese would put into production in 1965. It becomes one of Danese production 's symbols, this series is one of those few examples that reach the object of creating, for home environment, an artistic idea built on a concept of seriality. It does not exist an original object, for this kind of work, this is because we obtain the final image after long technical processing on series. Mari looks for shape and technics of representation, a sort of "super icona": il Gorilla is not just a gorilla, it is The Gorilla

Nature Series, 3 colours screenprinted on dropjet paper. Print is unframed. Hung by means of two horizontally-placed strips of PVC. 

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