Monte Design Tavo Highchair by Monte Design


19"w x 27.5"h x 19"d

made in Toronto, Canada

Mealtimes should be a social experience. The Tavo high chair by Monte Design pulls right up to most standard height tables (no need for a tray) so that your child can be part of the action during family meals. Unlike most High Chairs, it will blend in seamlessly with your kitchen. The Tavo high chair meets your need for great design and streamlined living. * easy to wipe soft upholstered seat in bonded (recycled) leather
* base is solid maple wood with a clear finish
* permanent T-bar safely secures your child in
* adjustable seat belt has a polished aluminum buckle
* small 19” x 19” footprint
* intended for children sitting upright unassisted (between 6 – 8 months) to about 4 years old

This product ships in 2 to 4 weeks.

Price: $495.00
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