Bloom Snug - Midnight Black by Bloom

This Bloom Snug in mid-night black has been re-designed to offer even more safety and comfort! This Snug provides soft padding and superior comfort for children from new born babies through to 12 months. With its contoured shape, the Bloom Snug creates a cozy space for baby, supporting both body and neck.

Made from 100% bamboo fabric, Bloom Snug’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic qualities make it safe for your little one. Machine washable and easy to attach/detach, Bloom Snug is an ideal additional liner that fits your Bloom Fresco, Fresco Loft, Fresco Fiamma, Coco Lounger and Nano Highchair, and well as many other baby products with a 5-point harness.

Price: $50.00 $25.00 ends 10/31/2019
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