*NEW* Stokke Steps Chair by Stokke


17"w x 28"h

made in EU

Available January 2021.

The Stokke Steps Chair can be used with a wide range of accessories that enable it to be used from birth throughout childhood. Easy to clean surfaces make it simple to tidy up after happy mealtimes. Ergonomically designed to support both back and feet, the chair offers great comfort every step of the way. The generous, adjustable footrest gives little feet a rest and is essential to enable your child to shift position the same way adults do with their feet on the floor. It also promotes independence when your toddler is big enough to climb in and out of the chair by itself.

This unique modular seating system adapts to your child, step by step. For your newborn, baby, toddler and youngster, Stokke Steps is a comfortable, practical and functional way to give your child the perfect seat from day one. Scandinavian design and engineering ensures optimal ergonomics as well as quality and style.

b>This product has a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks.

Price: $299.00
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