Kay Bojesen Monkey by Rosendahl

6.5"w x 8"h x 2"d

made in Denmark

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Kay Bojesen's Monkey was born in 1951.

A little Monkey with the great personality which has come to signify a gift from a very special person. For christenings, birthdays, school leavers and weddings. A classic and a dear friend for life – from being a popular toy in the playroom to a much-loved design icon in a future home.

Kay Bojesen’s premise in his work was a conviction that his objects should have life, blood and a heart. People should want to pick them up, and they should radiate humanity, warmth and vibrancy. This monkey was produced in accordance with Bojesen’s motto that lines should smile. In the early 1950s, it was so popular that it was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Kay Bojesen's Monkey is a world-famous classic for children and adults alike. The pot-bellied monkey with the impish expression has been taking children's dreams to far-flung lands ever since 1951. It is made of teak and limba wood.
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